President Obama’s possibly illegal executive order concerning immigration is an unjust use of authority. If it remains in force, it will contribute to a higher level of poverty in America. I do believe that illegal immigrants who are law-abiding and who have worked and established permanent residence in America should be given the opportunity to become naturalized.

I have written previously about how I believe that Obama has failed during his presidency, and I am profoundly disappointed how he ignored Americans living in poverty; how parents and children are starving and in need of medical care, forced to live in shelters. Likewise for disabled veterans, who risked their lives for America.

America is on the brink of financial insolvency. Gone is its recognition and credibility as a superior country in the world. This nation simply cannot bear the financial burden of opening the doors even wider to provide illegal immigrants with subsidized housing, employment opportunities, free schooling and subsidized health care.

How will taxpayers cope? They are already overburdened with taxes due to the billions of dollars wasted in Afghanistan and Iraq and defending against ISIS.

I am sure most people are looking forward to Obama’s final year as president.

Robert Lacombe, Lewiston

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