SCARBOROUGH — More than a dozen wetsuit-clad humans bobbed in the waves off Higgins Beach in Scarborough on Wednesday, waiting for just the right wave. Every few minutes, sets of arms paddled, legs kicked and bodies rose out of the green surf.

The surfers stood on finned boards, slightly crouched with arms outstretched. Zigging and zagging across waves 4 feet high, they rode the sea’s energy for a few precious moments before splashing down again in the firm grip of gravity.

Conditions at Higgins Beach, a well-known local haven for those who hope to hang ten, were pretty good for surfing a day after a blizzard dropped its load of snow and wind on Maine.

Waves were 2 to 4 feet high, and the water temperature was about 44 degrees.

“Yeah, that last wave was the sickest ride I’ve had in a while,” said Reed McDermott, a surfer who walked a half-mile with his board from the main road because of parking restrictions.

McDermott said the past few weeks in general have been good for surfing. According to, Friday’s conditions will be even better, with waves as high as 5 feet.

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