I thank Glenys Ryder for her letter (Jan. 24) about recycling in Auburn.

I am not disabled and I have the luxury of owning a car, so when there is no municipal pickup for five weeks, I drive my recycling to MMWAC and try to stuff it into available nooks and crannies of the container parked there.

The mudroom of my house lacks room for the extra containers required and, of course, the more I recycle, the more containers I fill. If I had less space, were disabled, or did not have an available car, I would recycle less, if at all.

If Auburn is serious about the third “R” in the vital three Rs of reuse, reduce, recycle — weekly curbside collection is necessary. Wheeled, covered containers would be nice — perhaps made available upon request accompanied by a physician’s note or some such requirement.

But weekly collection is the essential prerequisite for success.

Silver Moore-Leamon, Auburn

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