Why did Brian Williams believe that he could get away with lying with impunity? Because so much of the information provided to the public by mainstream media is fabrication.

For example, it is widely believed that the U.S. president is the most powerful person in the world. However, a few days before the leaders of the Group of Seven industrial nations meet every spring, the world’s ruling elite, the Bilderberg Group, commandeers a huge luxury resort somewhere in the world and updates its five-year plan for everyone. Then its wishes are transmitted to its puppets at the G-7 meeting and they are implemented.

The members of the Bilderberg Group, who have been meeting annually since 1954, include European royalty, the heads of multi-national corporations, international bankers, elected officials (including some U.S. senators and congressmen, as well as representatives of the president), military leaders, the heads of labor unions, plus members of the news media.

Even though the heads of several of the world’s major news media outlets regularly attend those meetings, nothing is ever reported to the public.

Another example is the Central Intelligence Agency inciting wars all over the world on behalf of multi-national corporations and war profiteers. Yet the U.S is always portrayed as the good guy — never the aggressor.

It is no wonder that Williams felt he could get away with lying to the public with impunity. He and many other trusted individuals have been getting away with lying for years.

Steve Swan, Dixfield

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