This is in response to the guest column from Richard Sabine (Feb. 15). The gentleman’s comments are spot on indicative of many adults in society who take no responsibility for anything happening in our communities, state or nation.

There was a time in this society that when a child was failing to achieve in school, the parents were held accountable and the child either got the message or was removed from the school. In 2015, we are living in an entitlement society where all failures are someone else’s fault.

Public institutions are not perfect, nor will they ever be perfect. In my opinion, public schools have one major failure — the failure of trying to do too much. We cannot ask our schools to replace parents at any level.

We all know teachers, indeed, almost every teacher I know, who are wonderful people who teach because they love children.

Sit down with a group of teachers and in about five minutes it will be crystal clear that in the average classroom, 50 percent of the students really have no interest in learning. Scratch beneath the surface of every student in advanced placement classes and you will find a committed learner. Scratch a little deeper and you will find a parent who has taken responsibility for creating a responsible and accountable child.

Many, many adults need to look in the mirror and commit to being responsible and accountable for their actions.

Tom Conger, Industry

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