Needless to say, it will be difficult to defeat ISIS as it continues to recruit young men and women to join its evil ranks while it escalates aggression to dominate the Middle East, causing hideous and repulsive butchery to humanity.

The U.S. cannot take ISIS for granted because something tells me that they may already be in America, planning organized attacks using suicide bombers or lone-wolf attackers.

Will the U.S. send in ground troops or just use air strikes? ISIS has reportedly been eager to meet U.S. troops on the ground.

Hopefully, Homeland Security will do its job, keeping America safe from any sneak attacks by enemies. How more horrifying can it get, watching the brutality imposed by members of ISIS?

President Barack Obama must wake up to the reality of violent extremism. Freedom in America is at risk and we could lose the war on terror.

Robert Lacombe, Lewiston

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