AUBURN — Two men denied robbery charges Friday stemming from a Dec. 11 home invasion in Poland.

Adam Douglas McIntosh, 32, of Freeport and Terry L. Small, 47, of 9 Callahan Circle, Mechanic Falls, pleaded not guilty in Androscoggin County Superior Court. Both were brought to the courtroom from Androscoggin County Jail. Small also pleaded not guilty to a charge of unlawful possession of scheduled drugs.

The arraignment came one day after the two were indicted on the felony charges by an Androscoggin County grand jury.

The robbery charge is punishable by up to 30 years in prison; the drug charge, five years.

Small was held on a probation hold; cash bail for McIntosh remained at $10,000 or $30,000 in real estate.

The two men are accused of taking part in a nighttime robbery at 76 Page Road in Poland in which three men and two women were involved, according to an affidavit in court papers.


One of the defendants told authorities that Small’s girlfriend had been driving the SUV in which the group rode to the residence and later fled.

McIntosh told authorities he had been staying with a friend at 45 Lewiston St., Mechanic Falls, on the night of Dec. 11. A woman at the home, Shawna Wilson, 37, of 72 Elm St., Mechanic Falls, talked about robbing somebody of his heroin. He said he rode with others in an SUV driven by a woman.

McIntosh told authorities he was “pretty intoxicated” and couldn’t remember exactly what happened. He went into the Poland home with the others from the SUV. He saw a young man throw a baggie of drugs on the floor. McIntosh picked up the bag, pocketed the drugs and began to leave. Someone tackled him from behind, he told authorities. He managed to exit the home.

Once back in the SUV, Wilson put a knife to his throat and told him to give her the drugs. The group drove back to Mechanic Falls where they all used the stolen heroin, he said.

Small told authorities his girlfriend, Diana Driscoll-Connolly, 39, of 9 Callahan Circle, Mechanic Falls, picked him up at their home in her SUV to go with a group to buy drugs. He said he kept a baseball bat in the car. One man in the car had a bat and another carried a hammer.

When they arrived at the Poland home, Small said he grabbed his bat and went to the front porch. Inside the home, Small said he saw the other man with a bat hit in the head a shirtless male, who threw a bag of dope on the floor and say, “Take it. It’s all I have.”


After running out of the house and back to the SUV, Small said Wilson pulled a knife on another man in the car and told him to give her the drugs.

Small said he didn’t take any of the drugs, but his girlfriend brought some home for him.

One of the two victims in the home invasion was taken to a hospital with head injuries.

Authorities said the defendants wore ski masks during the home invasion.

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