Another day, another scam.

The Maine arm of the American Association of Retired Persons is warning of a new scam in which a caller asks for personal information, including passwords.

On Friday, the AARP said it received information that the scam was underway in Aroostook County, where residents received calls from someone claiming to be from a company called MCI-ITS S-Telesy.

The caller’s phone number is 213-337-0014, according to the AARP. The caller asks for computer personal information because of a virus they claim to be monitoring. In Central Aroostook County, the chamber of commerce conducted brief online research and found the company name and phone number have been used in other known scams.

It did not appear that the same scam had emerged in southern and central Maine, although police regularly receive complaints about similar fraud, via telephone and email.

The AARP advised that Maine residents who receive a call from this number should contact the state Attorney General’s Office at 207-626-8800.

Victims of the scam report that the callers have foreign accents, are aggressive on the phone and will call multiple times.

AARP Maine is urging all residents to be aware of this scam and to never give out personal information such as a Social Security number, credit card number, computer passwords or bank information to unknown sources.

For information on how to avoid scams, go to

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