AUBURN City officials met informally with residents Tuesday evening to discuss proposed changes to the way the city deals with yard sales and agricultural barn sales.

It was a scantly attended meeting, made up of only of  Eric Cousens, Auburn’s deputy director of planning and development, City Councilor Belinda Gerry and the few residents who came out to have a casual conversation before the matter went before the council.

Cousens said the city does not make any money from what they charge for yard or garage sale permits.

“The community decided that we wanted to track how many of these things happen at each property and the time it takes to track that costs us, the taxpayer, money,” he said. 

Cousens discussed the possibility of reducing the fee for neighborhood sales, as it doesn’t cost the city as much to process a permit for three or more households on the same street. Currently, the cost of a garage sale permit is $15.

Agricultural barn sales were also discussed, as Cousens said it is not legal for people living in rural areas to hold flea markets on their own property it’s an event only allowed in commercially zoned areas.


While farmers are always permitted to sell the food they grow, other agricultural implements, salvage and restorations could provide extra income to farmers, especially those who have retired or scaled down their farming operation.

The wording of the proposal would allow farmers who have earned more than half of their income from the farm to hold a sale on their property for three consecutive days, once a month, between April and October.

Cousens said these sales would only be allowed in agricultural and residential areas and are only to be held by the family who owns the farm the privilege is not to be transferred if the farmer sells the property.

Cousins said he would take input from Tuesday night and plan a workshop with the council to discuss any proposed changes.

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