When you are making the turn around that rotary there are a lot of tree stubs. Are they making improvements? Just like to know what exactly are they doing? — C.G. in Lewiston.

ANSWER: Sun Spots checked with the Maine Turnpike Authority and learned this about the roadside clearing from mile 63 to 75.3: “This project will include the removal of trees, brush and debris from the roadside, northbound and southbound, beginning at Mile 63 and ending at Mile 75.3 of the Maine Turnpike. Vegetation will be removed to a distance of roughly 100 feet from the edge of pavement on both bounds.

“The goals of the project are to improve overall roadway safety by removing large trees from the clear zone, reduce shading of the roadway to aid in snow and ice removal operations, and to increase driver reaction times when confronting wildlife crossing the roadway.”

The project’s projected completion date is May 1, 2015. This information is available by calling 1-877-682-9433.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I am looking for someone who makes ceramics to sell. Any information would be greatly appreciated. — B.L.P., Bethel.

ANSWER: You did not mention if you want greenware, bisqueware or finished ceramics. You also did not mention if you are willing to travel outside of your town. Let’s hope someone who sells ceramics sees your inquiry. There are stores that sell pottery in Bethel.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Regarding the request about Maine town names in the Sun Spots column published March 30, according to the book, “Length and Breadth of Maine,” authored by the late Stanwood Bearce Atwood, a long-time city editor of the Lewiston Daily Sun, the name intended for Norway was “Norage.”

Mr. Atwood’s first edition was published by the Kennebec Journal Print Shop in Augusta carrying his copyright in 1946. My edition, which incorporates two supplements he subsequently authored, was published by the University of Maine, Orono, in 1973 as Maine Studies No. 96. Possibly both editions are now out of print.

The book contains just about everything one could ever want to know about the state of Maine, and it would be very worthwhile for Sun Spots to procure a copy for a handy reference to such questions.

Most interesting, however, is that in my 1976 employment by the Oxford County Commissioners to research every property transaction recorded in the York and Cumberland county registries of deed from volume 1 page 1 at both sites through volumes 65 and 79, respectively, to find those that were located in what became Oxford County in 1805, not a single one for land within present-day Norway made reference to being in “Norage.” All referred to the location as being in “Rustfield” or in “Henry Rust’s town.” — Sincerely, John R. Davis, South Paris.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: As one who has lived long before cell phones, computers, etc., that what I called “the funnies” are cartoons like this (“Nancy”) as well as The Family Circus and Dennis the Menace. They give me a chuckle on an otherwise gloomy day. Keep up your good work — you have helped me many times! — A.J. in Rumford.

RESPONSE: Thank you for sending in the “Nancy” comic strip. It gave me a chuckle.

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