DEAR SUN SPOTS: Thank you for all the answers you provide to so many questions. When a person is living in an assisted living center, and then later one’s funds are depleted, what happens for a person’s remaining years. Thank you. — No Name in Rumford.

ANSWER: Sun Spots called the Department of Health and Human Services at 207-287-3707 and learned that “When someone who is private pay runs out of the means to pay for his/her care, they are likely to have spent down their assets. However, there are two components of financial eligibility for MaineCare: asset limits and income limits.

“If the individual has spent down his/her savings and only has a very modest income, they may be eligible for MaineCare. However, if they have a monthly retirement income that exceeds the income limits he/she would be ineligible for MaineCare. The LePage Administration is working hard to both increase MaineCare payments to nursing homes in order to keep them solvent, and to provide more home care services for seniors who can live independently.

“For those seniors who are ineligible for Medicaid but whose retirement income cannot cover the cost of residential care, there is a state-funded program — Recipient Aid Category 53, or ‘RAC-53’ — that helps to bridge that gap and fund residency at private non-medical institutions.”

DEAR SUN SPOTS: My husband has five 50-pound buckets of sand that he has swept up from our driveway and would like to empty the buckets to make room for more. The sand is contaminated with all of the salt and chemicals that continue to wash down our driveway from the road. Where should he take this sand? Thank you. — Barbara in Lewiston.

ANSWER: Sun Spots called the Lewiston Public Works at 207-784-5753 and learned that while there are several dumping sites around the city, you would probably be charged for this type of load which would go in the inert pile of brick, dirt and cinder blocks. Can you wait for spring clean up? The dates of spring clean-up week in Lewiston will be announced soon. You could bring the sand to the landfill for free during that week, but you would need to show some form of identification such as a tax bill or electricity bill to prove that you are a Lewiston resident.

HELLO: I would like information for posting a wedding announcement in the Sun Journal. Is there a cost? What are the requirements and how do I get that information/photo to you? — No name via online form.

ANSWER: There is no cost. There is a form online to fill out and attach a photo or you can type it in an email and attach a jpg photo. Email to [email protected]

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Do you have an address for a store that repairs leather coats in the Auburn/Lewiston area? — M.G. via email.

ANSWER: Most shoemakers can do zippers, but there are also those who specialize in jackets. Contact one of these businesses:

* Alterations by Judy and Industrial Stitching & Leather Repair, 906 Sabattus St., Lewiston, 207-783-6201

* Beyond Shoe Repair, 1125 Center St. in Auburn, a mile past the Auburn Mall, 207-783-5403.

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