Would you appear naked on a survivalist reality show?  Why or why not?

“Oh, definitely, if my wife would let me. I doubt she would.”

Cody Norton


South Paris


“No. I just wouldn’t want to be.”

Travis Martel


“It would depend upon how much money they gave me. It definitely would be uncomfortable, but yeah, I would do it.”

Kevin Grenier

Gorham, N.H.

“I don’t think so. I’m elderly and don’t want to show my body off. I’ve been married to my husband for 54 years and he’s the first and only one that (saw me that way).”

Irene Greenwood



“No. They couldn’t pay me enough. I wouldn’t want to be out there for the world to see.”

Mary Ellingwood

South Paris


“No, I wouldn’t.  I wouldn’t want my children to see me naked.”

Matt Eldridge

South Paris


“Honestly, I would, because I hate clothes.”

Carolyn Dyer


“I would be naked? No. I just wouldn’t. I guess I have too many morals.”

Eileen Casterline

South Paris


“No, I would not. I think that’s putting everything out there.”

?Laura Duke

South Paris

“No, I would not. You’ve got to be out of your mind.”

Gale Williams


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