Recently we received a pair of interesting older school photos from Helene Bryant Domi, who lives in Stafford, Va.

Here’s some of what she emailed in a note describing the photograph:

My parents, who are now both deceased, were born and grew up in the South Paris area (Dad was born in Buckfield, Mom in Rumford).

Growing up, all of my summer vacations meant getting in the station wagon and driving from Virginia to South Paris, Maine, for our family reunion.

My father was Sidney Bryant and my mom was Ella Niskanen Bryant. Our ties to South Paris included my Uncle John Bryant who was fire chief for many, many years; my Uncle Jimmy Bryant, who worked at Ripley & Fletcher for many years and even today, my first cousin once removed, Kimberly Hamlin, is the owner of Fiber & Vine in Norway.

There are many, many other relatives and friends of my parents there, but I want to get to the picture.

My mom passed away in April 2012. I have so many wonderful pictures, newspaper clippings and other mementos that she saved through the years.

Together, we reviewed many of them so that I could label them. I am still left with numerous old pictures that are beautiful, in the way that older photographs are, and I haven’t a clue as the who, what, when, where or why. So, I’ll ask you and the readers.

The photograph attached is obviously a class. On the back was written ‘Rodney’s first year in school.’

Rodney Bryant is my dad’s brother, one of the eight children born to James and Florence Bryant. I cannot find him in the picture. Help!

Also, the teacher on the right looks like Julia A. Giles Russell. Is it? Any other info on the picture would be appreciated so I can be sure that the complete story is captured with this great picture.”

What can you tell us about this photograph? Is the teacher Julia Giles Russell? Was the school in South Paris or Buckfield? About what year was it taken? And who are the children?

If you can help with any information, please be in touch.

We are so happy that Helene chose to send us the photo and that we can present it to our readers in hopes of finding additional information for Helene. Many thanks to you, Helene.

If you have any information on this picture or if you have an older photograph or postcard you’d like to share, we‘d love to hear from you. We are bit hard to reach by phone at times, so you might try an email or dropping your info off at the Advertiser and we’ll pick it up.

Please email photos or information to [email protected], snail mail to Susan Arena, Yesterdays, Advertiser Democrat, 1 Pike’s Hill, Norway, ME 04268, call me at 743-0363 or drop off your information at the Advertiser office (1 Pikes Hill, Advertiser Square, Norway) between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. If it is more convenient, there is a drop box, located outside the front door in which you can leave photos or information when the office is closed. Please include your name, phone number and any information you have about the photo.


Here’s a brand new old picture for you to check out. Can you tell us where it was taken, or can you name any of the children?


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