As a frequent driver on Court Street, I find it hard to believe that the city planners are considering two lanes with a turning lane on that street.

Have the planners experienced the traffic? Do the planners realize how many drivers travel through Auburn on Court Street to get to Lewiston? Why are parking spots needed?

There are spots on Court Street, which I frequently use when I go to the registry of deeds. When I go to Auburn Hall, Orphan Annie’s or the pizza restaurant at 84 Court St., I use the parking lot next to that restaurant. What merchants want parking spots?

Why is the city using this idea as a demonstration project when the Congress for the New Urban New England’s Build Maine visit Auburn? What do those planners know about Auburn?

I am sure many residents remember several years ago when driving from Lewiston into Auburn, Court Street had a turning lane onto Turner Street. MDOT urged the city to keep that turning lane, yet the city refused. Surprise — just a couple years ago the turn lane was put back in place.

Does narrowing Court Street really make sense?

Mary Ann Norcross, Auburn

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