This is in response to Langston Snodgrass’ letter concerning religious values (May 3). He wrote that Jesus did not say anything about same-gender sexual orientation. Not true. In Mark 10: 7,8, Jesus confirmed God’s definition of marriage as being between one man and one woman. Jesus also supported the teachings of the Old Testament, which defines homosexuality as a sin in Leviticus and several other places.

The New Testament does the same in Romans, First Corinthians and Jude.

So it is obviously not wrong for a Christian to believe homosexuality is a sin. That is called freedom of religion.

That does not make Christians better than others, because we are all sinners and loved and valued equally by God. Jesus loved people but never condoned sin. We now live in a country that tolerates everything except the legal right of a Christian to read and believe the Holy Bible.

Maine does have a law that prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation in public accommodations, which would include businesses that provide wedding services. The Bible commands all Christians to obey the law unless that law prohibits them from worshipping God. My advice to Christian-owned businesses would be to obey the law and avoid a devastating lawsuit. It’s just not worth it and it is just not wise.

Just because Christians believe in the reality of sin does not mean they do not love people. They do love people and are constantly concerned about their eternal salvation and well-being.

Mike Aldrich, Lewiston

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