The Sun Journal headline “DHHS under review” (May 9) appeared when I was perturbed because the DHHS had mishandled my situation.

Recently, I received two letters that my Drug Assistance For The Elderly and Medicare Buy-In benefits would cease because they claimed that I had not completed a review. However, DHHS received my review on April 10 and by May 8 had still not processed it.

Is it fair to falsely accuse someone of negligence when it is the fault of DHHS, by its own admittance?

A worker remedied the situation and told me not to worry. Today (May 11), Social Security informed me that payments for those benefits would be deducted from my SS check beginning in June and if it was erroneous, I would be reimbursed the full amount — but it would take two or three months. For someone living month-to-month on a fixed income, that is unacceptable.

Receiving unfair and false notices about loss of benefits and reduced income can be detriment to mental and, perhaps, physical health of many elderly.

I realize that many DHHS workers, who are overworked and probably underpaid, try hard to assist clients. However, it seems unfair that termination notices be sent before received reports are acted on by DHHS.

It seems as if elderly people are treated as second-class citizens, after working and contributing to the government for many years.

I agree that DHHS should be investigated.

Margaret Proctor, Wilton

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