It is gratifying to see anti-Obama hysteria back on the Opinion page, thanks to Marcel Morin (May 10). The vitriol’s been sparse, owing in part to the rebounding economy, with steady job growth compared to 700,000 jobs hemorrhaging monthly when Dubya and puppet master Dick Cheney scurried out of Washington as the Great Recession hit full force.

Now this latest letter has given me reason to write.

Citing the Natural Society (a nudist support group? an herbalist cult?) Morin claims that some journalists are related to Obama staffers. Yes, D.C. is incestuous, and I’m glad I don’t work there anymore, but the real threat to reasoned debate in the capital of the world’s greatest democracy is Fox News — a virtual propaganda arm for the party that gave us Ted Cruz and Michelle Bachmann.

Lest someone accuse me of being taken in by the “liberal media,” here’s how I stay politically informed: I have known for years that our African-American president is deeply unpopular with tens of millions of Americans; that he’s been accused of severely damaging our influence and image abroad; and that Obamacare has been an administrative nightmare, thanks to poor planning and “socialist” overreach.

Where did I get those impressions? The Boston Globe, Washington Post, New York Times, NBC, NPR and public television.

The legitimate press thrives on conflict, not favoring one side over the other.

And another thing: Check Obama’s poll numbers compared to the Republican-controlled Congress. You won’t find that cited on Fox.

Dave Griffiths, Mechanic Falls

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