LEWISTON — Timing is everything to a fighter and a promoter trying to organize a fight card in Maine.

Promoter/trainer Glenn Cugno has been planning Saturday’s event the past year to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Muhammad Ali’s brief bout with Sonny Liston in Lewiston on May 25, 1965.

Cugno has lined up 10 amateur and two professional middleweight bouts, one of which will feature Steven Gamache, son of two-time world boxing champion Joey Gamache. Doors open at 6 p.m. at Lewiston High School on Saturday night. A karate demonstration will be held before amateur fighters step into the ring.

“I actually got this date last year,” Cugno said. “It should be a packed house. We’re hoping everyone comes out see it.”

Steven Gamache will face familiar foe Jose Angel Ortiz of Springfield, Mass., in a four-round rematch. Gamache beat Ortiz in a four-round slugfest in Brooklyn, N.Y., in 2012. The other middleweight fight will feature Casey Kremlich 0f Portland going up against Marcos Torres of Boston.

Of course, the war of words between Ortiz and Gamache has been going on long before the two fighters agreed to a rematch.


“He actually called me out and spoke to Glenn at a show in Massachusetts,” Gamache said. “He called me out, saying he was out of shape, and this and that, but he said, ‘I am making a big mistake fighting in my hometown, because I am in better shape this time.’

“He feels he sees something in me and feels he can take advantage of me. I heard Ortiz is coming up with a busload of fans, too.”

Gamache said his father won’t be able to attend the fight. Joey Gamache remains in Europe training prospective fighters, and Joe Gamache Sr. might not be able to watch his grandson step in the ring, either.

“I love my dad and my family. I would like them to be there, but I am my own man, but whether they are there or whether they are not, I have a job to do,” Steven Gamache said. “It’s great for me. I went to Lewiston High School and graduated there.”

Steven Gamache has been spending long hours at the Gamache Boxing Club to make sure he’s in shape to take on Ortiz.

“He (Ortiz) doesn’t think so,” Cugno said. “He (Ortiz) called me last week and told me he was going to put him down. We’re making a mistake. We’ll see.”

The list of amateur bouts include: Alicia Lussier (Bath) vs. Jacklyn Roman (Springfield, Mass.); Ryan Glover (Rumford) vs. Brian Santiago (Springfield, Mass.); Tyler Durkee (Bath) vs. Ed Sanchez (Barnstable, Mass.); Robert Hetherman (Harpswell) vs. Yadier Torres (Springfield, Mass,); Achelas Ankers (Lewiston) vs. Julian Baptiste (Boston, Mass.); Brady Greenwood (Portland) vs. Sam Merrero (New Bedford, Mass.); Isaac Escobar (Lewiston) vs. Nick Mills (New Bedford, Mass.); Mike Alvarez (Bath) vs. Noor Rahmany (New Bedford, Mass.); Matt Marshall (Bath) vs Vermont opponent; Gabe Escobar (Lewiston) vs. TBA; Emily Mousseau (Lewiston) vs. TBA; Mac Delano (Lewiston) vs. TBA.

“It is going to be a really good night. I have a lot of really good fights,” Cugno said.

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