Will wind power benefit Dixfield? Wind turbines would permanently destroy Colonel Holman and the Common. Towns across Maine are regretting what they have done. Maine’s landscape is being destroyed. Roxbury residents hate the noise and the ugly towers.

Wind power is not worth the destruction. The electricity is exported to Connecticut but the local environmental damage is huge.

Wind power is not green and is not a sustainable business model, relying on government subsidies.

Wind power will not create local jobs. Its increased tax base will be offset by state reductions in school payments and other program reductions. Wind tower tax value rapidly depreciates. Many homes will lose value and become un-sellable, reducing tax base. There will be many tax abatements, reducing town income. Wind power does not benefit Dixfield. We give up far too much.

Sound levels may cause health issues. It will be relentless spoiling of a previously quiet landscape; visual pollution worsened by noise pollution. Noise, flicker and nighttime flashing red lights will change rural into industrial landscape.

Wind power companies cannot build where the electricity is being sold because people there don’t want towers in their neighborhoods. So, companies come to rural Maine where residents are too few to fight them.

Maine has a spectacular environment. That is why tourists come, feeding our economy. Converting our mountaintops into wind farms destroys that. The damage far outweighs the benefits.

We hope others will join us in voting “yes” against wind power. It is the right thing to do.

Lauren and Liz Hebert, Dixfield

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