I have read about the idea of paying $2 for a trash bag with a special emblem for Lewiston pickup. Presently, I use my own trash bags. I have two barrels. One is for recycling and the other is for trash. I use a black plastic trash bag for the trash and put that in one barrel. I believe it makes it easier if the recycling is in a different barrel.

Now, as I understand it, everything will go in the same trash bag. Wouldn’t that make it more difficult for the people separating the trash from the recycling? Is that what the council wants?

Former Mayor Larry Gilbert Sr. had started a campaign to place barrels around town and hoped to clean up the downtown. With this $2 bag, will people be able to buy them with their EBT cards?

Downtown, I believe that people will elect not to buy those plastic bags and will, instead, use that $2 for other purposes. Other people will probably look for someone else’s dumpsters to toss their trash, or they will do like I used to see — dump their trash in the woods.

As the saying goes, “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.”

Robert Soucy, Lewiston

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