FARMINGTON — The dedication ceremony of the Mt. Blue Campus Courtyard brought MSAD 9’s history “full circle” Superintendent Dr. Tom Ward said in Friday afternoon’s speech.

The courtyard, including a new bench and a tree for each member of the Legacy Campaign, honored those that helped to “bring all of this together,” Ward said. “I’m fortunate to have known them all. As a kid I wanted to be them when I grew up. I wanted to be as good as them.”

Ward became emotional at times, remembering the “cornerstones” of MSAD 9: Raymond Brennick, Ronald Bailey, Richard Duntley, Kenneth Marks, Stanley Keirstead and Allan Smith. They knew what it took to create the “family” they envisioned MSAD 9 to be.

“They knew it was more than just telling people what to do.” Ward said.

Stanley Keirstead and his wife Barbara sat in the audience. “The issue was not the kids. They were excited to be getting a brand new building,” Keirstead reminisced.

He shared stories of students coming into his office, wanting to get things done and football games where students from New Sharon, Farmington and Wilton all came together to cheer for Mt. Blue.

“Parents were still cheering for the individual towns but the kids told them ‘we’re not Farmington, we’re Mt. Blue.’ That’s why it was a huge success. It was because of the kids.”

The Mt. Blue campus is now home to 10 different towns including Farmington, Wilton, Chesterville, Temple, Industry, Weld, Starks, Vienna, New Vineyard and New Sharon.

Keirstead and Ward ended the ceremony by cutting the ribbon from the new bench.

“My dad would have been proud to see this,” said Micheal Brennick, son of Raymond Brennick. “He always said ‘you’re never really gone until you’re not remembered.’ ”