FARMINGTON — The University of Maine at Farmington celebrated the Class of 2015 with a festive annual Commencement Ceremony Saturday, May 16. UMF President Kathryn A. Foster, faculty, administrators and dignitaries led the procession of 369 new graduates marching to traditional bagpipe music. UMF awarded a total of 392 bachelor’s and master’s degrees for 2015.

Joan Benoit Samuelson, Olympic gold medalist and champion for women’s distance running, delivered today’s Commencement address to UMF graduates, their families, honored guests and the UMF community. Benoit Samuelson was awarded an honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters for her significant contributions.

Graduating senior Chelsea Lear-Ward from Levant gave today’s student address. With a major in community health education and a minor in environmental studies, she is interested in helping to promote health through sustainability. After graduation, she will be moving to Washington State to work in the wellness field.

Foster and Joseph McGinn, provost and vice president for academic affairs, conferred the degrees to this year’s graduates. Karl Turner, member of the UMS Board of Trustees, delivered greetings to the graduates from the University of Maine System.

The list of 2015 University of Maine at Farmington graduates from Maine includes:

Andover: Janelle Thuotte, B.S. Community Health Education;

Auburn: Sean Berce, B.A. Computer Science; Nicholas Bourget, B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies: Health Information Systems; Jonathan Delorme, B.S. Secondary Education – Social Studies; Emily Johnson, B.S. Early Childhood Education; Emily Marron, B.A. Psychology; Sara Mea, B.S. Early Childhood Education;

Avon: Brooke Gilchrist, B.S. Elementary Education;

Bridgton: Thomas Feeley, B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies: Sociology/Anthropology;

Bryant Pond: Rebecca Carter, B.S. Community Health Education; Laurie Catanese, M.S.Ed. M.S.Ed., Leadership;

Denmark: Molly Cavanaugh, B.A. English;

Dixfield: Meredith Brown, B.S. Elementary Education; Ricki Sinclair, B.A. Psychology;

Durham: Nathaniel Fritts, B.F.A. Creative Writing;

East Wilton: Jordan Schanck, B.S. Community Health Education;

Farmington: Tara Blue, M.S.Ed. M.S.Ed., Leadership; Sandra Brown, B.A. Psychology; Jarrod Clements, B.A. Business Economics; Daric Davenport, B.A. Psychology; Lancaster Emery, B.A. English; Bethany Frazier, B.A. Business Economics; Jarrod Goodwin, B.A. Psychology; Marian Harrison, M.S.Ed. M.S.Ed., Leadership; Alison Hatch, M.S.Ed. M.S.Ed., Leadership; Roger LeClair, B.G.S. Bachelor of Education Studies; Alexandra Lucas, B.A. English; Marlie Mochamer, B.A. Biology; Shane Nicely-Luker, B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies: Individualized -; Clifton Staples, B.A. International and Global Studies; Dylan Turner, B.A. Psychology; Jessica Tyler, B.S. Early Childhood Education; Michaela Yeaton, B.A. Business Economics;

Fayette: Alexander Rose, B.A. Environmental Science;

Franklin: Darrian Church, B.F.A. Creative Writing and English;

Freeport: Hannah Goodenow, B.S. Early Childhood Education and Early Childhood Special Education;

Fryeburg: Audrey Boyd, B.S. Community Health Education;

Gorham: Katherine Bennett, B.S. Special Education; Austin Hayes, B.A. Visual and Performing Arts; Conor Kirby, B.A. Biology; Colleen Ward, B.S. Community Health Education;

Gray: Kellie Sanborn, B.S. Secondary Education – English and English; Taryn Sangillo, B.S. Special Education;

Greene: Noah Poto, B.A. Business Economics; Abbey Randall, B.S. Elementary Education; Tifani-Rae Steward, B.S. Elementary Education;

Hartford: Matthew Stoodley, B.A. History;

Hebron: Jessica Gauthier, B.S. Early Childhood Special Education;

Jay: Jessica Douglass, B.A. Biology; Cassandra Plante, B.A. Computer Science; Emily Ross, B.A. Art; Linda Viraphondeth, B.A. International and Global Studies;

Lewiston: Marina Belanger, B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies: Individualized -; Alexandria Butler, B.S. Elementary Education; Andre Madore, B.A. English; Caleb Rea, B.F.A. Creative Writing and B.A. English; Joseph Sullivan, B.S. Secondary Education – Mathematics and Mathematics; Erica Thompson, B.S. Early Childhood Education;

Lisbon: Mary Conlon, B.S. Special Education; Kayla McIntosh, B.S. Rehabilitation Services;

Lisbon Falls: Christopher Whitney, B.S. Secondary Education – Social Studies;

Livermore: Alyssa Hamilton, B.A. Psychology;

Livermore Falls: Nicole Caron, B.S. Community Health Education; Christina Damren, B.S. Early Childhood Education; Marrissa Hirsh, B.S. Community Health Education;

Lovell: Conrad Ward, B.A. Geography and Geology;

Mechanic Falls: Kaitlyn Bowie, B.S. Secondary Education – English; Shane Waters, B.A. Psychology;

Mexico: Kelcie Virgin, B.S. Elementary Education;

Monmouth: Leticia Goucher, M.S.Ed. M.S.Ed., Early Childhood;

Mount Vernon: Rebecca Kent, M.S.Ed. M.S.Ed., Early Childhood;

New Gloucester: Brandon Merry, B.S. Rehabilitation Services;

New Sharon: Christopher Araujo, B.A. Business Economics; Shiloh Davis, B.A. Psychology; Taylor Harris, B.S. Community Health Education; Jenna Williams, B.S. Community Health Education and Psychology;

Newry: Elise Berry, B.G.S. Bachelor of Education Studies;

North Monmouth: Hillary Jean, B.S. Community Health Education; Cassidy Small, B.A. Visual and Performing Arts;

Norway: Jonathan Kuvaja, B.A. English; Carl Langbehn, B.A. History; Timothy Roberts Jr., B.A. History and Interdisciplinary-Sociology/Anthropology;

Poland: Casandra Greco, B.A. Geology;

Rangeley: Jeanette Jacobs, M.S.Ed. M.S.Ed., Leadership; Michelle Laliberte, M.S.Ed. M.S.Ed., Early Childhood; Cary Millbury, B.A. Biology;

Readfield: Nicholas Ervin, B.A. Mathematics; Zain Padamsee, B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies: Environmental Policy and Planning; Katherine Voynik, B.A. Biology;

Rumford: Hillary Cayer, B.S. Rehabilitation Services; Lacey Gallant, B.S. Early Childhood Education; Amy Gilbert, B.S. Early Childhood Education; Garrett Hodgkins, B.S. Secondary Education – English; Brianna Lecours, B.S. Early Childhood Education;

Salem Township: Jillian Withee, B.S. Early Childhood Education;

South Paris: Kayla Dore, B.S. Community Health Education; Brooke Ladd, B.S. Early Childhood Education; Kasey Mills, B.S. Elementary Education;

Standish: Matthew Theriault, B.A. International and Global Studies; Zachary Vincent, B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies: Business Psychology;

Stratton: Devin Isgro, B.A. Business Economics;

Strong: Blair Fenning Jr., B.A. Art; Renae Ladd, B.S. Rehabilitation Services; Brittany York, B.S. Elementary Education;

Temple: Jennifer Ladd, M.S.Ed. M.S.Ed., Leadership; Dylan Toothaker, B.A. Outdoor Recreation Business Administration;

Topsham: Erin Bowen, B.S. Early Childhood Education; Meghan Fogg, B.A. English;

Turner: Briana Luce, B.S. Early Childhood Education; Samuel Ricker, B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies: Individualized -;

Wayne: Sarah Pokorny, B.A. Biology;

Wilton: Lauren Orff, B.S. Early Childhood Education;

Winthrop: Vanessa Berry, B.S. Elementary Education; Pamela Soucy, B.S. Early Childhood Education; Katherine Spahr, B.S. Elementary Education;

See entire list of 2015 UMF graduates at

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