I moved to Dixfield in 2007. Since moving here, the town has added to the police force and town officials always answered that it was a good investment.

Dixfield taxpayers have paid to remove the town from the over-priced district. Still waiting on the separation but … a good idea.

When I bought property in Dixfield, I was told that Route 2 was expanding. I never thought that expansion would take my trees and 60 feet of my front yard.

Now town residents are being told that, with the help of government subsidies, a wind energy company could pollute my scenery with windmills that will sit atop the mountain that my morning sun rises over every day.

I moved here to get away from the urban noise and have done my part to make Route 2 scenic. My trees have been cut; my mountains mowed and wildlife displaced or killed. Do residents really want to give power to out-of-staters for the sake of our own view and well-being?

Dixfield is “The only one.” Let it be the “only one” without windmills. I will be voting “yes” to eliminate this rash on area mountains for good.

Keep our scenery ours.

Corey Bussiere, Dixfield

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