There have been many opinions on which way to vote on Question 19 in Dixfield on June 9. The reality is that a “no” vote means an industrial company project will be allowed to have a higher impact (negative) on Dixfield citizens in exchange for a temporary reduction in property taxes.

The alternative “yes” vote on this ordinance still allows a project, but with stipulations that have greater protections for those in the areas designated for a project. Holding the wind industry accountable for its effects should be a priority for the welfare of the town.

The ordinance has been researched by two separate boards and all but one person on the boards accepted and approved the ordinance as safe and legal.

In order to make Dixfield a better place for all of its citizens, such ordinances as that one must be carefully reviewed. I will vote “yes” on Question 19 on June 9.

Another important issue being voted on concerns the withdrawal from RSU 10. Six years ago, the state threatened small towns to organize RSUs or pay a steep fine.

As with most towns, officials chose to take the easy path and avoid the stiff penalty the state proposed. Now the current board members and citizens have had to create a way to try to correct those decisions that were made. Question 23 will correct the problem and I support a “yes” vote on that question.

Scott Belskis, Dixfield

Editor’s note: Scott Belskis is chairman of the Dixfield Board of Selectmen.

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