I have been an avid Red Sox fan since the 1950s but, recently, my anger about their approach to the game has my cat and wife wincing at my comments during games.

I hope someone in the Red Sox organization will wake up and realize that every team knows that Red Sox batters (90 percent of the time) take a fast ball down the middle on the first pitch. Do they think they are going to get a better pitch? Taking pitches from a starter just to get to the bullpen is ancient philosophy. The only time a batter might want to take the first pitch is if he is the leadoff batter in the inning. Otherwise, be aggressive. Try to win.

When the Sox were at the Twins, the Twins were swinging at the first pitch they saw and buried the Sox in the series.

When I was playing, I was embarrassed if I ever struck out; therefore, I did so hardly ever. I know — through 162 games, a professional batter is going to strike out but, heaven forbid, taking a called third strike? Unacceptable.

When I was coaching, my players knew that, with the bases loaded or runners on second and third base, they had better swing at the first strike they say and not wait for the guy on deck to do the job. That philosophy worked very well and is one the Sox should implement.

Sox batters need to be more aggressive — take command.

George Ferguson, Sabattus

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