This is in response to the Sun Journal front page story, “Third session for grand jury” (June 6). It made me angry to read that prosecutors have pushed the grand jury into a third session to present evidence about the accident last Halloween in which a girl died while on a hayride.

They will try to find anything they can to pin the blame on an innocent family.Yes, there was a very tragic accident where a life was lost. I cannot imagine what the girl’s family must have gone through and continues to go through.

But does anyone really think the owners of the farm wanted something that sad to happen there? Does anyone really think they wanted such a fun evening to be ruined by that tragic accident? Accidents do happen. If the driver was impaired, now that would be a different story. But it was an accident.

The authorities are looking for something, anything to pin on that family. Seriously, don’t they have more serious business to do than try to find a way to destroy another family?

The Bolduc family has provided much enjoyment for folks for a long time. Would they have prevented that sad event if they could have? No question they would.

No matter what the grand jury comes up with, it will not bring back that girl. Everyone has suffered enough. Please find real criminals to prosecute, not an innocent family trying to provide entertainment during Halloween.

Jon Holmes, Dixfield

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