FARMINGTON — A judge set bail Friday at $2,500 unsecured for a New Sharon woman, who has twice violated judges’ orders not to possess animals and several times failed to appear in court.

Judge Lance Walker gave Carol Murphy, 71, notice to appear on Aug. 28 for a status conference on a contempt of court charge at the Franklin County Superior Court. If she doesn’t appear, the state will have the option of issuing another warrant for her arrest.

Murphy was arrested Wednesday on a warrant on a charge of failure to appear for jury selection on a contempt of court charge on June 5.

She is accused of having 14 animals last year, which violates the court’s 2005 and 2010 orders of a lifetime ban on possessing animals. She was convicted twice in jury trials of animal cruelty charges.

The state charged her with contempt of court on Oct. 1, 2014 for the animal possession violation.

Defense attorney Thomas Carey told the court Friday that the $1,000 cash bail on the warrant was too much since Murphy is on Social Security and only receives $1,000 each month. Out of that, $200 goes to taxes each month, he said.


Murphy asked to address the court.

“I am not a U.S. citizen,” she said. She called herself an American National of the Republic of Maine and therefore comes under the constitution of 1819 and 1820.

“The court does not have any jurisdiction” over her or the matter, she said. She is a flesh and blood woman made in the image of God, she said.

“I do have jurisdiction,” Walker told her.

Assistant District Attorney Joshua Robbins said Justice William Stokes issued a warrant for Murphy’s arrest after she failed to appear for jury selection. She also failed to appear in December 2014 on the contempt case and a warrant was issued at that time.

At this point, Robbins said there is nothing to compel Murphy to come back to court. In his opinion $1,000 bail was not adequate, he said.


Robbins said he has concerns about her mental health and suggested an evaluation be done.

Carey suggested that Murphy’s case be scheduled for the next jury selection in September and if she fails to appear for docket call, a warrant could be issued and she would be available for jury selection.

Robbins said a lot of times docket call is the day before jury selection.

“My concern is that she come back to court,” he said.

She did not attend docket call on June 4, he said.

“The reason I didn’t attend is because the state did not provide jurisdiction,” Murphy said.

Walker set bail at $2,500 unsecured bond, which requires Murphy, if she signs it, to appear in court or she will have to pay the $2,500.

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