FARMINGTON — Veterans from American Legion Post #28 quizzed fifth graders about the American flag Wednesday during a Flag Day program held at Cascade Brook School.

Maine’s First Lady Ann LePage joined the veterans and quickly learned flag folding procedures. She also led the fifth grade classes in the Pledge of Allegiance.

“What’s another name for the flag?” Charles Bennett asked the students on this last day of the school year. Responses were close before Bennett named “Old Glory,” as the correct one.

After Bennett and Peter Tracy folded the flag, LePage, with help from students Natalie Howard and Emily Arsenault, tried folding it as other students watched.

Then several students were called forward to help fold the flag as the veterans instructed. These included Ben Nicholas, Jeremy Ragsdale, Chase Smith, Michael Howard, Jacob Fortier, Reese Keaten, Natalie Benoit, Shaylynn Koban, Madison White, Alexus Tyler and Iliana Marquez.

David Targett, Post past-commander, told the students about the meaning of each line of the Pledge of Allegiance and Peter Tracy asked students about the meaning of the colors, stripes and stars of the flag.


The blue stands for field or union. The red for the courage and determination of our nation and the white for peace and tranquility, he said.

Bennett asked the students about the number of monuments to honor veterans in Washington.  There are 12 including the newest, The American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial.

The veterans also told the students some things about their own service. Post Commander Tim Callahan joined the Army at age 17. He served 24 years and traveled around the world.

Tracy joined the Navy. He also served 24 years and traveled the world. There is someone standing guard 24/7 to protect us and this country, he said.

Langdon Adams served in the Navy, Targett in the Army and Air Force for 25 years and Bennett served in Vietnam.

Bennett has been involved in the Flag Day program held in local schools for 10 years, he said. 

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