Strong selectman taken to task for performance of duty (June 23)?

At the end of most meetings, discussion involves future issues not listed on the agenda and using “civil matter” as a reason for no discussion is reprehensible, as civil matters are duties of the selectmen.

In swearing the oath of office, selectmen swear to obey the laws and the state and federal constitutions.

Listed below are five meanings of what civil means:

1. Belonging to the citizens of a town or city;

2. Laws that pertain only to and for the good of the community;


3. Of the general public;

4. Involving civil law, not criminal; and

5. Organized protection of the civil population of a town or city.

All town roads belong to the citizens as a whole, not only one person or one family, being dirt, paved or a discontinued road.

Abatements were refused because of frontage on Hunter Road, now gated, which completely landlocks the wood lot which is a lot unto itself, purchased from the town with no “mother lot” to cross.

My camp lot has been landlocked since 2008, and I am through paying taxes for a place I cannot maintain.

Anyone interested in purchasing landlocked property? There is a high price to pay, namely health and well-being.

Eunice Shurtleff, Strong

Editor’s note: During a selectmen’s meeting on June 22, two members of the board took Chairman James Burrill to task for bringing up a topic for discussion that was not on the agenda regarding a gate on a discontinued section of Hunter Road.

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