The United States doesn’t need another President Obama. Instead, the country should elect a candidate that will realize the need to bring God back in America, which would put an end to political dishonesty. Otherwise it will be very difficult to successfully regain America’s prosperity. The need to bring God back to America to hamper political dishonesty is paramount.

During the past eight years, America has suffered many horrible consequences that have put this country on the edge of a steep hill, with a sharp drop awaiting. That’s all the more reason to elect a candidate whose steadfast adherence to a strict moral and ethical code, a candidate capable of producing favorable results for America (including downsizing the government).

It is great for the taxpayers that Donald Trump is supporting his own campaign, unlike Hillary Clinton, who has accepted campaign contributions from foreign countries. That will continue to impair her credibility. The royalties from book sales and public speaking are enough to support Clinton’s campaign, but it is all about greed with the Clintons.

I also find it troubling that America has spent trillions of dollars between the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Then, after troop withdrawals, America was unable to recover financially the oil revenues.

Robert Lacombe, Lewiston

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