Lewiston is a safe and great place to have a family. Why does it seem that the Sun Journal makes a concerted effort to show the contrary? If one were to look only at the Sun Journal to understand the city, one would think of the old stereotype.

It seems that among the Sun Journal writers and editors there is an effort to put down this city (to which the newspaper’s success is bound).

Nearly every time that I read the paper, I see another example of selective editing to put Lewiston down. For example, “Man injured in Lewiston brawl.” The irrefutable numbers prove that Lewiston is one of the safest cities in this state and the nation, yet the Sun Journal article includes anecdotal quotes and titles that support a widespread caricature of a dirty city, rampant with crime.

Lewiston has an image problem and the Sun Journal is propagating it.

The clear conservative lens of the paper goes hand in hand with those efforts, as often enough those policies hurt our fair city.

I would ask Sun Journal writers and editors to please join an ever-growing team building up the community. I guarantee that with an improving image and a prosperous city, the newspaper will do better.

Noel Madore, Lewiston

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