This is in response to the letter from Rep. Michel Lajoie (July 26) that criticized Gov. Paul LePage.

First, I would like to point out that LePage came into office with a $900 million Medicare-MaineCare bill owed to the hospitals of Maine that the previous Democratic governor and Legislature forgot to pay.

After LePage pushed through payment to the hospitals he was ridiculed by the Maine People’s Alliance member who dressed up in an Uncle Sam’s costume for a press conference.

Secondly, Gov. LePage is right not to expand Medicare-MaineCare because Maine has the fastest aging population in the nation. As residents age, they will need more end-of-life care, thus exponentially increasing the costs of Medicare and MaineCare.

Thirdly, no Maine hospital, by law, may refuse a person in need of medical attention at any time.

Charles Soule, Lewiston

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