The bullying tactics that Gov. Paul LePage has used and the damage he has caused to his relationship to the Legislature will prevent him from accomplishing his policy goals.

His bombastic leadership style has long ago alienated Democrats and even some Republicans are fed up with his high-profile antics, squandering his political capital.

His decision to retreat to his office and issue a flurry of vetoes showcases a lack of leadership. His attacks on fellow Republicans are also counterproductive.

There could be trouble ahead for LePage as two independents and four Democratic lawmakers have made plans to launch impeachment proceedings against him for abuse of powers.

He has been accused of blackmailing the Good Will-Hinckley School Board by threatening to withhold a half-million dollars in funding for extending an offer to hire Democratic House Speaker Mark Eves.

I strongly believe that if LePage remains in office through his second term, Maine will suffer significant consequences and failures, similar to what President Obama has levied on America during his presidency.

Maine would be much better off without Gov. LePage and impeaching him would, hopefully, help repair some of the damages and embarrassments with legislators and the general public that he has caused by his uncivilized behavior and garbage mouth.

LePage is a dictator and should embark on a long journey (perhaps by canoe) away from any political involvements and civilization in general. Moreover, his picture should appear on the cover of Mad Magazine.

Robert Lacombe, Lewiston

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