AUBURN — Author Tiger Hebert of Poland will be available to sign copies of his book, “Dragon’s Fire” from noon to 2 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 29, at The Library Cafe, 49 Spring St.

The following is a description submitted by the book’s publisher:

“It didn’t always feel like this. How? I can’t remember, but it wasn’t like this. No, not like this—it was cold and dank, and then there was the fear. To stand in his presence, in awe and reverence of his power, his might, it was intoxicating—but the fear never leaves.” — Ekrin, High Priest of the Black Dragon

A rising tide of violence is spreading across Darnisi, and it threatens to cast all of Aurion into war and chaos. A terror straight out of nightmares is at the heart of the corruption. Using the dark arts of seduction, the shadow drake bends and twists the will of those who would seek his power, to his own ends. Aurion’s remaining races forge unlikely alliances in order to survive the dragon’s scourge. As reality sets in, our survivors face a very grim future. Could their only hope of survival truly be found in the cryptic writings of ancient prophecy?

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