According to a story in the Sun Journal Aug. 12, homeowners and tenants in Lewiston may soon be paying for each trash bag placed for curbside collection.

The cost for a 15-gallon bag was estimated as $1.25 and $2 for a 30-gallon bag. If people use just one bag per week, that would amount to $65 per year for the 15-gallon bags and $104 per year for the 30-gallon bags.

The story indicated that there might be a slight reduction in Lewiston tax rates but I doubt if renters will see any drop in rent charged and any reduction in taxes for homeowners would be more than offset by the cost of the bags.

Homeowners and renters are still at the same income levels, with no cost of living increases. Yet the cost of the trash bags could increase at any time.

Homeowners can still take trash to the recycling center themselves, but there is a fee for disposal there.

Joseph Philipon, Lewiston