jeepsFor the 26th year, Bethel will host the Maine Mountain Jeep Jamboree USA with owners from across the country arriving today to challenge more than 20 miles of trails in and around the area. Some 280 people will enjoy Bethel’s hospitality, staying at inns, dining in restaurants, and patronizing local businesses. On Saturday morning at 9 a.m., 170 Jeeps will parade up Main Street. The parade will include Jeeps over an 80 year span, from World War II versions to current Cherokees, Wranglers and every model in between. The parade will organize at the Casablanca parking lot, proceed up Main Street, around the common and back down Main Street, then disperse to the off-road trails, with varying degrees of difficulty to challenge the Jeepers. Doug and Jodi Wilson, coordinators of the Jamboree, expressed their appreciation to the trail guides land owners, and members of the Western Main Mountain Jeepers Club who have worked hard to make the annual event successful.