Ben Chin is a bright, caring, hardworking young man who combines a forward thinking and inspiring attitude with a practical approach to effective problem-solving. He is a progressive who believes in the worth of every Mainer, and that the power of the most selfish institutions, including the investment companies and banks that caused the nation’s financial crisis a few years ago, should not be limitless.

Chin is eloquent, spiritual and logical. He would like Lewiston’s organizations, corporations and landlords to be fair and responsible. He listens thoughtfully to everyone’s concerns. He loves Lewiston wholeheartedly, past and present, and his optimism about the city’s future contrasts with his often-negative opponents.

Chin is the right man to lead Lewiston toward a future in which everyone feels proud and increasingly secure; where young people wish to remain and people and businesses from away will want to come here.

I support Ben Chin.

Jim Cogan, Lewiston

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