Taxpayers, beware of the upcoming election ballot. Question 1 generates serious concerns.

This citizen’s initiative proposes changes in the Clean Election Act. It is actually 14 pages of law that can be adopted by a public vote without benefit of amendments or public hearings. Flaws and excesses can remain hidden.

Where does clean election money come from? Mainly from people’s taxes, plus a small amount from $5 “qualifying contributions” and a small amount of “seed” money.

Under the citizen’s initiative, a contested candidate for governor can receive Clean Election funds up to $1 million in a primary election, plus $2 million in the general election ($3 million total, plus seed money). Similarly, a Senate candidate can receive a total of $65,000 and a House candidate $16,000.

Those levels of “free” funding from the taxpayers are outrageous and a great opportunity for a ripoff of the taxpayers. The measure should be defeated by voting “no.”

Current levels of funding at $600,000, $20,000 and $5,000 may need adjustment, but not to that degree.

Thomas Shields, Auburn

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