DIXFIELD — The Board of Selectmen and Police Chief Jeff Howe on Monday night discussed potential ways to combat speeding in town.

Howe told the board that concerned residents on High Street told him about cars speeding now that construction on the road is complete.

“I’ve been watching up there, and traffic has been pretty good,” Howe said. “There are a few cars here and there, as always, that are pushing the limits a little bit, but there isn’t anything I’ve noticed that’s been really bad.”

Howe said “a big part of that” is likely from “stepping up our patrols in that area.”

Selectman Eugene Skibitsky asked Howe if it was possible to invest money in an electronic sign that shows how fast people are driving when they pass it.

“It’s always something we can explore,” Howe said. “There’s always grant money out there.”


“Speeding is something we’ve been hearing from residents on High and Pine streets for a while, so I think it would be good to save some money and invest in one,” Skibitsky said.

Selectman Mac Gill asked Howe what it would take to get 15 mph flashing lights in front of the high school.

“That’s a good point,” Howe said. “(Former Chief Richard) Pickett explored that a little bit. He tried to figure out how we could get people to start slowing down better near the school. I would love to see some signs up there.”

Howe said the process would start by speaking with the Maine Department of Transportation and “looking to see if there is any grant funding out there.”

Selectman Norman Mitchell said the town should look into installing signs that read, “Speed enforced by radar.”

“I know that when I come around a corner and see that sign, I’m slowing down and watching my speed,” Mitchell said.

Howe agreed. “It’s funny; speed is enforced by radar everywhere, but for some reason, the sign helps people pay more attention to how fast they’re driving,” he said.


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