The article about technology changing language (Oct. 25) was right on, but it didn’t go far enough.

My virus protection posted on my screen “AVG—Re-launch Browser for Security” so I clicked on it thinking it was important, even though I didn’t understand the usage, and everything changed. I couldn’t get on Google or out of the mess that ensued. It took more than 15 minutes on the phone with my computer-literate daughter to get my computer back to where it belonged.

I am 83-years-old with a master’s degree and have studied three foreign languages, plus medical and theological terminology, but I cannot understand “computer-ese.” To me, “launch” means putting a boat into water or starting a new venture. “Re-” meant repeating it. “Browser” was a window-shopper.” “Security” was for protection or well-being.

Why can’t computer companies leave things alone or, at least, use everyday, understandable English? It seems like a scheme just to confuse people.

Margaret Proctor, Wilton

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