PERU — The Board of Selectmen voted Monday evening to wait until June 2016 to fill an empty seat on the board, Chairman Larry Snowman said Tuesday.

The vacancy occurred when Selectman Lee Merrill was elected road commissioner Nov. 3. Merrill served on the board since 2013.

Town Clerk Vera Parent said Merrill resigned as selectman immediately after being elected because he could not hold both positions simultaneously.

Snowman said he was not in favor of waiting until June 2016, but “it’s what we’re going to do, since it was the consensus of the board.” He said he does “not foresee any problems in having a four-person board when figuring out the budget this winter.”

“We work closely with the Budget Committee, so I think as far as the budget goes, we don’t have to worry about any issues,” Snowman said.

Selectman Wendy Henderson will replace Merrill on the Regional School Unit 10 Withdrawal Committee.

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