FARMINGTON – A Franklin County judge sentenced a New Sharon man to four years in prison, with all but one year suspended, after he pleaded guilty Friday to threatening to kill his girlfriend with a knife March 15.

Timothy Hutchinson, 29, pleaded guilty to a felony charge of domestic violence terrorizing with a dangerous weapon and two misdemeanor charges of criminal restraint and domestic violence assault.

After his release from jail, Hutchinson will serve two years of probation. He was also sentenced to nine months in jail on each of the misdemeanors and will serve them at the same time as the felony sentence.

The state dismissed a felony charge of aggravated assault and misdemeanor charges of criminal mischief and terrorizing.

Assistant District Attorney Claire Andrews said if the case had gone to trial, the state would have presented testimony that Hutchinson and his 30-year-old girlfriend got into an argument and Hutchinson became angry and jealous about a former relationship she had. He grabbed a kitchen knife, put it to her neck, choked her and dragged her through a room and put her facedown on a bed.

Testimony would also have been given that he threatened to kill her with a knife, took her to Wal-Mart, saw her texting, smashed her phone and threatened to kill her mother, she said.

Franklin County Deputy Colt Bernhardt would have testified that the victim had defensive wounds on her arms and scratches, blood and bruising on her neck, Andrews said.

She said after a couple of days the victim tried to recant her story but the state moved forward with the case.

There was a significant disagreement in what happened and what was said, but Hutchinson understands if the state presented its evidence to a jury he could be found guilty, his attorney, Walter McKee, said.

The victim said she wants to have contact with Hutchinson.

“A lot of this was overexaggerated,” she said. “I would love to see him and have contact with him . . . I am not the same without him.”

“I have grave concerns” about her having contact with him, Andrews said.

Justice William Stokes said he understood the state’s concern.

“It will be up to you to protect yourself with Mr. Hutchinson and anybody else,” Stokes told the victim.

The victim said she didn’t believe anything else will happen.

Hutchinson also pleaded guilty to two counts of felony violations of conditions of release.

Testimony on those charges would have been presented that the victim’s ex-husband stopped at her home to drop off their daughter and found Hutchinson in bed with the victim. Hutchinson jumped on the man’s back and the two fought, Andrews said.

Testimony would also have been given that Maine State Police Troopers Randy Hall and Keith Barton went to the residence and found Hutchinson hiding in the attic with a knife in his hand, Andrews said.

“That is really messed up,” the victim said loudly from her seat in the courtroom.

Stokes told her to be quiet and a court deputy marshal went to sit by her side.

Hutchinson was sentenced to nine months each on three violation of conditions of release to run concurrently with the terrorizing sentence.

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