AUBURN — The phrase “non-stop action” is often used in sports, especially in promoting games and events. That phrase had some merit Saturday in Auburn, as 16 high school girls’ hockey teams from around the state took part in the Red Hornets Round Robin preseason tournament at Norway Savings Bank Arena.

Starting just after noon and going on for the next 10 hours, pucks rarely stopped between the two rinks at the two-year-old arena.

Fifty-six games featuring more than 200 girls’ hockey players saw dozens of goals, saves, near-misses and even the occasional penalty. Each game lasted 10 minutes, as each team played seven games.

“The tournament as a whole I really like,” Lewiston coach Ron Dumont said. “I like the format, to see everybody just get an idea of what everybody’s got, as well as yourself. You’re seeing different teams, different styles.”

The third edition of the Red Hornets tournament was the biggest yet, as the inaugural round robin in 2013 drew five teams, then increased to eight a year ago. This year’s tournament featured every high school team in the state except Biddeford, giving coaches a chance to get a look at many of the teams they will be facing during the season.

Edward Little/Leavitt/Poland head coach Shon Collins, the brainchild of the event, said he wanted to create something similar to what he experienced as a high school player, when the Colisee in Lewiston hosted a round-robin tournament.


“I wanted girls’ hockey to have that, especially since we’re the only sport, except for football playoffs, going on right now,” Collins said. “To make it a showcase and get everyone involved.”

The tournament was split into two groups: Eight teams that were near the bottom of last year’s MPA Heal Points standings played in the first session, while the night session featured seven playoff teams from last year and a team from the Bangor area, the Penobscot Ice Breakers.

The nightcap featured the local teams from Edward Little/Leavitt/Poland, St. Dom’s and Lewiston. The cross-town rival Red Hornets and Saints opened the night session with a 2-2 draw, and the cross-river rival Red Hornets and Blue Devils finished off the marathon tournament.

In between was a rematch of last years’ state championship between Lewiston and Falmouth. The Yachtsmen got a small amount of revenge with a 1-0 victory over a Blue Devils team in transition.

“I think it went really well,” Collins said. “There was a few logistical things that you’re going to have when you’re trying to have 16 teams and this many games. Overall I think everyone had a great time and got when they wanted, which is a chance to get your players out there in game situations.”

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