President Barack Obama held a news conference from Turkey on Nov. 16. He gave an intelligent, reasoned and logical explanation, repeatedly, of the U.S. administration’s strategy and plans for dealing with ISIS, both internationally and domestically, and his plan to accept 10,000 immigrants from Syria.

I was aghast at the lack of respect from the media directed at the president, with repeating the same questions and with a critical attitude. Just because U.S. politicians verbalize political differences with the president does not mean that a reporter should attach credibility to those politicians’ attitudes.

It has been reported that Jeb Bush stated that the U.S. should accept only Christians who are being slaughtered. It was also reported that 13 governors have said they will close their states to Syrian refugees. It has also been reported that Germany may take one million refugees by the end of the year.

The pope has encouraged all nations to accept refugees. Maine Catholic Charities will welcome all refugees.

A Washington Post article stated that the U.S. is a bit player in the refugee crisis because it insists on “an orderly and lengthy vetting process.” The United Nations screens and then refers refugees to U.S. authorities who perform background checks and interviews to bring in the most vulnerable, the sick, women, children and elderly.

The International Rescue Committee’s David Milliband wrote in an op-ed, “Comparatively, the refugee resettlement program is the most difficult, short of swimming the Atlantic.”

What is all the fuss about?

Ronald Melendy, Auburn

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