This is in response to the front-page article (Nov. 7) regarding the closing of snowmobile trails.

Sadly, my family is one of those who have decided to deny access to our property. I want to be clear that the club that maintained the trails (Hillside Family Riders) was doing a great job of grooming, marking and picking up trash on the trail.

I loved coming down my driveway and seeing a whole family enjoying the trails, sometimes stopping at the bottom for lunch. I will miss that.

What I will not miss are the renegades who insist on going off the trails, destroying property, throwing out their trash, beer cans, oil cans, etc., and sometimes going up and down the driveway looking for who knows what. They are the people who ruin the sport for everyone else.

Thank you to Hillside Family Riders for the fine work they do.

Pat Beaulieu, Lewiston

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