Democrat Sen. Justin Alfond’s remarks about the “morally repugnant” stance of Gov. Paul LePage’s decision to not allow Syrian refugees in Maine were, perhaps, over the top. LePage joined 33 other governors in the decision. Sixteen governors have opened their doors to those refugees. 

A few thoughts about Syrian refugees:

• ISIS has declared (several times) that it has embedded its soldiers into the current flow of Syrian refugees coming into Europe. They have declared that they will do the same for refugees coming to the U.S.

• European media are reporting that about 80 percent of the current Syrian refugees are “military-aged young men.” The same will likely be true here.

• The FBI is reporting that there are 900 investigations of ISIS cells in all 50 states including, obviously, Maine. ISIS is already here, in Maine. Do we want more of them?

•Homeland Security and the FBI are stating that it would be impossible to properly vet the influx of Syrian refugees currently planned. Thus, they don’t know who the migrants really are.


• At the time that I write this, the Obama Administration has refused to inform governors of where, when or how many Syrian refugees could be sent to various states. Just plain refused. No help from them, it would appear.

• Finally, the primary responsibility of presidents and governors is to protect the safety and security of the citizenry. That’s what Gov. LePage and 33 other governors are trying to do.

Makes sense to me.

Gary Guimond, Lewiston

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