There are two big problems facing this country. The first is ISIS and other radical factions in the world that want to conquer America and kill those who oppose them.

They make no bones about their intentions. They are this nation’s enemies and America is at war with them. The U.S. has a capable army whose job it is to protect the American people. It is getting to the point where it is either kill or be killed.

The world looks to the U.S. to lead. The government hasn’t been doing that during the Obama administration. The administration should gather world leaders, the moderate Arab nations, the European nations, NATO, and any other world countries to join and come up with a strategy to defeat ISIS.

The second problem is President Obama. He has decided to stay the course he has laid out. I am afraid he is more interested in his legacy than he is about this country and the people in it that he has sworn to protect.

Time is running out. America better get with it.

Gordon Howe, Paris

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