Here we go again. Republicans Patti Gagne and Luke Jensen have come up with another way to disenfranchise more voters. They want to change the municipal elections from November to June.

They want to do it to help the poor elderly from going out in the cold to vote, but the real reason is to keep Bates College students from exercising their constitutional right to vote.

It seems that the only way Republicans can win elections is by rigging them.

Many states, including Maine, have passed laws to keep citizens (who traditionally vote Democratic or independent) from being able to vote.

There are now laws in some states that require voter ID, forbid same-day registration, require voter registration several days prior to Election Day and a number of other restrictive voting regulations.

Their claim that those laws reduce voter fraud (never proven) is an excuse to restrict Americans’ right to vote. Now, a novel idea — they want to keep senior citizens warm and cozy. I wonder how they will accomplish that when the elderly have to go out to vote in state and federal elections in November anyway.

I will not sign that truly un-American petition being circulated to change the municipal election date. Should the petition be accepted and goes to the voters, I hope others will join me in voting against it (if you are still able to vote when the proposal appears on the ballot).

No more restrictions to the constitutional right to vote.

Gerald Frenette, Lewiston

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