The Grow L+A Board of Directors commends CMMC for its decision to restore and repurpose the historic St. Joseph’s Church building on Main Street in Lewiston.

The Kora Shrine and St. Joseph’s Church buildings anchor Main Street, providing a historical and architectural character that has made downtown Lewiston an attractive destination in the past and that will continue to do so into the future.

Downtown businesses and other property owners have a unique ability to effect positive growth and change in any community, and the actions of CMMC set an example of how the commitment to historic preservation, downtown and assets can and will help Lewiston thrive as a revitalized destination.

A vibrant sense of place — which builds on the unique architectural history of our cultural, religious and industrial past — will be the reason people will want to visit, live, work, play and be in Lewiston-Auburn. We continue to build this kind of place as united organizations and good neighbors that are willing to sacrifice, be creative and collaborate.

With this revitalization effort, CMMC has exemplified the kind of leadership it takes to continue making Lewiston-Auburn great.

We are excited about this revitalization, and wish to extend our compliments.

Julia Harper, Lewiston, for the Board of Directors, Grow L+A

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