I have been burning wood pellets for five years. This year, I didn’t buy any because of the high price of pellets ($299 a ton) and the low price of oil.

Years ago, pellets were $2.30 a bag but now they are $6 a bag. If that isn’t a sign of greed, I don’t know what is.

A recent article in the Sun Journal said it all: “Maine heating prices dip, among lowest officials can recall.”

Even though I had been burning pellets, I never disconnected my oil furnace from my thermostat. It works just fine and I am using it this year instead of carrying pellets.

I certainly hope the pellet retailers have a lot of storage area for their unsold product. Retailers must remember that Maine people are not stupid — we can add oil in our homes and subtract high-priced pellets.

Phillip Webber, Lisbon

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